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Absorbent Granules

Spill Kits |  Absorbent Granules

Universal Fine Grain Granules

  • Ideal for binding oils, dyes, alkalis etc.
  • Mineral fine grain granules
  • The granules have a high absorption capacity
  • It is easy to identify when the light grains are saturated
  • Type III R

Universal Coarse Grain Granules

  • Ideal for binding oils, dyes, acids, alkalis etc.
  • Suitable for use in a range of applications
  • Also suitable for absorbing hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulphuric acid and glacial acetic acid
  • The mineral molar granules bind liquids of all types on all permanent surfaces
  • The coarse grains are ideal for external usage such as streets
  • Type III R

Gran-Sorb Universal

  • Binds oils, solvents, grease and coolants, water and other non-aggressive liquids upon immediate contact
  • Ideal for use on flat surfaces and internal areas with heavy traffic
  • Manufactured from recycled cellulose
  • The granules are dust free, anti-static, quick and easy to remove
  • Environmentally friendly disposal: they leave considerably less residue than mineral granules when incinerated

Spill Kits |  Absorbent Granules